Dust in the creases of her face…

19 10 2011

I went back to Texas this past weekend. It was good. Needed.  My grandma is 80 today. I cannot fathom living that long. But her’s is a life full of wonderful stories. It was good to see loved ones.

I felt myself instead of having clipped wings around my family, for the first time stretching them out, letting them grow back out. You know I don’t want my families approval, I just want acceptance.

I’m starting to think that slowly but surely my parents are learning how to do just that. My sister, has a very long way to go. But my grandma, she accepts me. And encourages me. I don’t know if I’ve, or could ever really express the gratitude I have for her because of that. She believes in me. I think she believes in me more than I believe in myself.

Dr. Maddox believed in me, too. I just hope that I can always strive for the greatness and meaning that he did, and that does see in me, in who I am, in what I do.




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