I’m up…I’m down…I’m all around

15 11 2011

Today, more often than not I have been in a ridicuously good mood. Mostly because I really saw clearly this piece I have been working on, and had a really affirming wonderful critique. I am really excited about what I am working on right now. Can’t say that has been the case in a while.On top of that I have realized that above all else I really want to be here. At this school for my mfa. One year just really ins’t enough time for me.

Of course, I will be applying to other schools, too. But there aren’t many. And short of a full ride with teaching assistantship, health insurance (including mental health), a stipend, and a fully interdisciplinary will draw me away from here.


Besides that, I really love Boston. And while I’m having more misses with a lot of the people in my Post Bac program, I have a lot of hits with the graduate students.


It must be because I don’t suck.







One response

15 11 2011

I’m so glad you dig Boston. I wish I could come hang, I only went to Boston like once and did very… grandparents type things.

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