Men seeking Women

28 01 2012

Preparation: Have a fake email. And maybe a glass of wine, gin, or whiskey. (depending on mood)

Step 1. Only look for the ones with pictures.

Step 2. Don’t take anything personally.

Step 3. Expand your parameters if no one with photos strikes your fancy to those with specific desires.

Step 4. Email at will

Step 5. Drink more.

Step 6. expand search while waiting for response to all personals

Step 7. Touch self to any and all photos…well the ones that you wish you were touching in person.

Step 8. Be sure to have plenty of no face nudes to share.

Step 9. Try to get them to meet.

Step 10. Realize that you don’t actually want to meet any one of these assholes because you’re just curing boredom.

(Also usually they chicken out.)





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