Unsexy Sex Dreams

21 02 2012

I am convinced my pills give me the most awkward, unsexy sex dreams, ever. I’m never having sex in any of these dreams. I’m like wall paper or something. And ALL the people I know and some random strangers from the T are having sex. So that means you! Usually it just starts out with a couple of the people who are totes not gay having gay sex, then they morph into other people, but its more like meiosis or something. So then it becomes an orgy. But its like every one is a virgin and super nervous, so there’s all this fumbling and stumbling, and “Oh! Sorry” moments.

Then in walks the most unwanted of all people…my ex. And every one stops, stares, stares, stares…fade to black end of dream.

Its basically the same every time. Thankfully it hasn’t included any of my family, just every one else I know. Which is still totally weird. Awkward. And very unsexy in many cases. 




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