Yogurt, you’re all I’ve got.

21 02 2012

Apparently my new diet consist of yogurt,…and nothing else.

My pills make me nauseous. My period makes me suicidal. And the whole out of body experience is really getting old. 

February has not been good to me these past two years. 

My head was so fucked by those anti-psychotic bitches I was put on in the hospital I thought my nephew wasn’t born till march 27th and its next week when he turns one. I mean there are other examples that are probably way better, I’m sure, but I can’t remember them.


So I get to call the doctor and tell them that pills: no good. Being suicidal, nauseous, and having super awkward unsexy sex dreams about EVERYONE, where you don’t even get to have sex, is not fun.  Oh and still having panic attacks on a regular basis? And my mood being all over the place? Yea no, not helping.

Time to try something else. 




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