Dear Therapist,

16 03 2012

I’m sorry if I was unpleasant last session. You see I’m just terribly unhappy and upset. You know why. Or I’m guessing you do, since you seem to pay pretty good attention.

When I was talking about language… you asked me, “Where did you get the idea that you have this kind of power?”

I think I miss spoke, because its not so much that I think I have power to truly hurt people, its that I find that words have weight, words have power. And I guess I have said some things that are powerful. Sometimes mean things, and mean things hurt.

But maybe they weren’t really mean per-say, since they were how I felt, and I wasn’t really trying to destroy, more relieve the pain that was inside of me. But seeing people’s faces fall is something I a well familiar with. I watched it in school how a prof would show a student how their world view was illogical, or wasn’t quite the thing that maybe they thought. The expression that would come over their faces. So beautiful, seeing an epiphany happen.

I know the power of words. I’ve seen them, felt them.

I continually feel their weight.

The word abuse.


Being used to describe my family.

Gotta be careful with that shit.




One response

17 03 2012
Mollie Player

You are refreshingly honest!

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