The T and me

6 04 2012

I hate public transit so much right now. Or at least Boston’s public transit. I live too fucking far out. I Hate it. I hate it so much it takes at least an hour to get anywhere I need to be. I Fucking hate it. I’m so fucking annoyed right now. I can’t even begin to calm down. I wanted to ride my bike, but I have a fucking flat tire, and now I’m not going to group.

Well I don’t fucking care, of course I fucking care. Maybe I was wrong, maybe it is too much for me to do two groups and add a second counseling session. Is there anything wrong with that? No, no there isn’t. So you aren’t ready,  that’s all there is to it. I doesn’t mean that you are weak.

My friend was really hard on me the other day, and then I was late to the yoga group and I started crying. How annoying.

All week I was looking forward to yesterday because I didn’t have class and so I could just be in the studio…. then we had half class, and I didn’t go, and I didn’t leave the house.  Not once

I did go to bed early in hopes it would be easier for me to wake up this morning…. it was not. I slept so hard.

I have to figure out the right amount of sleep. Basically I am not functioning at all.  I want to do video art, but I kind of hate everything right now. And all the suggestions that I got for my video I basically can’t do. I either don’t have enough money, time or skill. So whoopie.

FUCK fuck fuck fuck


Its really hard for a person with no concept of time to get around in a city that is tiny as far as how many miles across it is and vast as far has how long it takes to get to the tiny place across the way.






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