8 05 2012

Oh! Did I forget to mention the slightly humiliating fact that I have come to realize that I am disabled? Yea. Woo…. my father suggested that I file for disability over helping me out financially, saying, ” This is what I would tell any one to do who was in your position.” I mean he didn’t say this while jumping up and down… but still. Oh, and I had to fill out a report with the school…because some of my professors were disappointed with my work/lack/attendance/lack.

Disabled due to mental illness. ( I would prefer due to complications with medication, but that medication is for mental illness/health…so yea, what the fuck ever)


And now I’m trying to write this goddamned paper on the goddamned domestic and Louise Bourgeois. Fuck.

All I can think about is my review board and how nervous I am about it. I feel like I’ve done nothing this semester. I know this isn’t the case, but still… mother fucking, fuck. I want it to be over, really bad, but I really wish I still had another week, I want to actually finish things.

I mean I’m close to having a number of things done, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to have them all done….gah. stupid video. I forget about it some times. I don’t even know how much footage I have, I have a lot. a lot a lot.