Why I care about Masculinity

7 09 2012

I was recently asked why I care about Masculinity. Here is my answer.

Masculinity interests me because of my father. He is ridiculously macho. He is MAN in a very muscular, gun wielding, grilled meat eating, hyper sexual, outdoors living, and god fearing. And he’s horribly angry. He’s also an artist. And likes trying new kinds of food, wants to live more than anything out on the sea, as he is a romantic. Unfortunately he seems to love my mother primarily for her boobs and beauty. He puts cheap vodka in good bottles… He wants a good dog companion, but animals are terrified of him. He claims he doesn’t know that he’s big, but I’ve seen, and heard more stories of him using his strength to intimidate what he calls bullies. He grew up hating his father and saw him as a bully and decided to fight injustice and bullies all around and in many ways feels called by god to do just that. And provide for his family all the while. If that isn’t too much for one gender much less on person I don’t know what is.
I care about masculinity, because it is only by rethinking that and feminity that we will be able to actually have an opportunity for an egalitarian culture.
I care about masculinity because I believe that the current standing view at least in the south is a strong contributor to a rape culture. I care about masculinity, because I know that the current view is a limit upon male humanity, and thus female humanity. Because in the mainstream you are either or.
And I’m a firm believer in celebrating humanity. Not squelching it.




One response

10 09 2012

Very Nicely Stated!!! I’d add that until many more of us Men show similar insights into masculinity and reach out to other men, it will remain tough on us all (both women and men – as well as girls and boys).

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