Did all girls l…

14 09 2012

Did all girls learn to hate their bodies from their mothers? I certainly did not learn to love my body from my mother. I learned of creams, balms and tweezers, not razors…no that was my father first then mother. I remember him distinctly saying to me when I was twelve years old, “You might not want to shave past here” gesturing towards my upper mid thigh, “It might get a little itchy.”

My mother when I was fourteen years old trying on my previous year’s bathing suit. “You’re getting some cellulite back there,” then pinching the part of my thigh that connects to my ass. I was only standing outside of the bathroom in our dark house, but I remember being horrified. 

At El Chico, a tex-mex, restaurant one evening after gorging on queso and salsa, and probably quesodillias, “Well technically, you’re obese- for your size” I was fifteen or sixteen. 

My mom waking me up in the summer at four AM so she, my sister, and I could go do some horrid aerobics class that started at 4:30.

“Don’t pick at your face, you’ll make it worse, put this on it.”

“Are you using that cream I gave you?”

“Do you use a moisturizer?”

“Do you use a moisturizer for under your eyes- You should you know, it will help you not look so tired.”

“Do you want to go through these old clothes of mine? I’ve just lost so much weight, they don’t fit me anymore.”

“I’m doing the Akins diet”

  • the south beach diet
  • jenny craig
  • slim fast
  • special K
  • durken
  • Tibetan medicine





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