18 09 2012

I’m okay. And I don’t hate him.

I do still love him. And he says he still cares, though that I’m not so sure about. I feel better this morning. I watched mad men all day yesterday. I was so cold, and couldn’t stop crying. Half the time I didn’t even realize that tears were leaking out of my face.

I’m changed.

I don’t want to go back to having numb sex. I don’t want to be faceless anymore. I am capable of making love. Yes I wish it hadn’t ended so soon, but really, I’m okay.

I’m free.


Now I need to focus.




One response

19 09 2012

You’ve obviously done very well recently which is good to hear! I’m sorry for your loss. You really needed someone to care for you and he did- perhaps not enough. You’re much stronger now – which is good! Good Luck!

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