Blog Shamed Answered.

30 10 2013

I know that I haven’t written in like….forever. I’m sorry. I’m gonna start writing again. I’ve been thinking a lot. And I need to get shit written down. My friend blog shamed me, and these questions might be silly, it feels good to write again. 

What was your favorite book when you were thirteen?

The Giver

What irrationally infuriates you?

The sound of dogs cleaning themselves. Seriously instant rage. And when people don’t clean a knife before dipping it into another condiment jar.

When was the time in like the last year that you felt most ALIVE?

Hmm. Well I usually feel most alive when I’m working on something. But Moving in with M really made me feel like I was really living again. Taking charge with my life. Writing a show proposal and submitting it, these things make me feel alive and as if I might actually know how to do life.

How many plants, constellations and birds can you identify?

Orion, big dipper, little dipper, the bear, scorpion, sirius

hydrangeas, bluebonnets, indian paint brushes, red clover, rose, poppy, bearded iris, tulips, easter lily, tiger lily, cala lily, lotus, Lilly pad, dragon snaps, orchid, begonia, chrysanthemum, gerber daisy, black eyed susan, blue bell, sun star, passion flower, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, apple tree, grape vines, tomato plants, egg plant, kale, collards, beets, carrots, chard, lettuces, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, jalepaneo, poblano, banana pepper, english peas, peach trees, plum, apricot, pecan, walnut, sweet gum, bode art tree, oak, pine, maple, japanese maple, fern, rosemary, oregano, basil, rubber plant, fern, cypress, juniper, cedar, aspen, birch, red wood, st augustine grass, monkey grass, bull neddle, persimmon tree, corn, wheat.  Maybe more.


Mocking Bird, Blue Jay, Crow, Raven, golden eagle, red-tailed hawk, pigeon hawk, falcon, doves, pigeon, sparrow, wren, scissor tail, great blue heron, mallard duck, loon, wood duck, flamingo, spoon bill, burrow owl, great horned owl, barn owl, screech owl, macaw, cockatoo, cockateel, parakeet, love bird, jungle eagle, secretary bird, vulture, road runner, cardinal, blue bird, robin, english starling, grackle, canadian goose, swan, wild turkey, pheasant, quail, emu, ostrich, peacock, California condor, seagull, tern, puffin, blue footed boobie

Which is your favorite scar and what’s the story there?

Hmmm. I have tiny scars on my face that most people don’t even notice from when I was bit by a dog at the age of 2. I have two scars on my right arm, kinda right on top of another. One from barbed wire, the other from being burnt. I have a scar on my left knee from some weird kind of seaweed, and one on my right from where my back fender punctured me. And then there are two that aren’t really readily visible even if you’re looking closely. One on the bottom of the fourth toe on my left foot, from where I stepped on a piece of glass, and the other behind my left ear, from a surgery.  Out of all of those, I would have to say the seaweed scar. I jumped into the Boston Harbor over by the ICA in my underwear. Thinking that I would be abel to climb out easily onto the lower pier once I swam over it it. It was really hot and I had walked all that way to the ica and then it wasn’t open. It made sense at the time.

What do you think about the new shit in the DSM-V?  Tell me about your feelings.

I don’t really know much about it, just went to wiki, and it led me down a tunnel where I have learned that perhaps my emergency inhaler was what was helping me  and maybe even causing me to disassociate at an early age. Like it introduced it as an option when under stress. That might actually explain why I can’t remember that much of my childhood. I was taking that thing a lot.

Do you think you’re cool?  On what grounds?

I amuse myself. I’m pretty okay with hanging out with myself, so yes, I suppose I think I’m cool. On the grounds that I’m a resilient, kind albeit not friendly, person who is candid, loves to laugh, has a great sense of humor, who stands up for themselves, is really creative, thinks for themselves, is a snappy dresser, who loves a good story told well, and I have on multiple occasions watched a number of movies three times in a row. A few I have even played on repeat for a whole day. If that doesn’t make me cool then I don’t know what would.

What’s a movie I should see that’s streaming on NF?  I’ll totally watch it.
Ummm, just switch to the British Netflix and you will be amazed at how much awesome you can watch. Currently though, I would say Carrie. And the Craft, it’ on the british one.