I can change this.

I was born and raised in Texas: piney woods, prisons, churches and windmills make me think of childhood and college. Now I breathe in the Salty Air of the Boston Harbor (occasionally), ride my bike through heavy traffic, concrete buildings, and surprisingly quiet bike paths.  I am many things, but at my core I am an artist, a painter, though I do work in a variety of mediums I approach all of them through a painter’s perspective. It took me a while to admit that, but now that I have I find myself, hearing my voice and learning my own painting language. I don’t miss much about Texas, most days. There are a few things I miss: Great Blue Herons, my dog, the endless sky, lighting storms in April, the Texas art scene in many ways, the inexpensive alcohol, and amazing salsa in every corner of the state. Most of my friends don’t live there anymore, the one’s that do, of course I miss and wish I could see everyday (or at least every week) but they are not forgot and know that they will always have a place in my life.  But here in Boston I have really come into my own.

A few other things about myself:

1. I do my best, to do my best
2. Honesty is very important to me
3 PTSD  is something that I struggle with and talk a lot about it on this here blog.
4. Making my own paint is the best
5. Despite my best misanthropic efforts I find myself in love, and filled with the hope of the good in humanity.

Original Bio:

Here’s to being young, in debt, ambitious, scared shitless and ready  for the biggest move in my life.

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30 01 2014

I solemnly vow to update, as I see fit. Though hopefully that will be more often since I have finally really gotten back into writing. So, here’s to writing.

12 10 2013
Liebster Awards (just roll with it) | BOORF

[…] updated in like a freaking YEAR.  This is me blog-shaming you.  That goes for you too, Lisa!   Everyone update your shit!  The people have a right to […]

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