Snickers and Gossip Girl

26 01 2012

Yesterday I woke up in such a good mood! And I did laundry the for the first time since I’ve been back to Boston…I know. 

I got dressed and ready to head out for my meeting that I was supposed to be at I thought noon, but my laundry wasn’t done… and the idea of rushing to leave when it was 11, then 11:30, 11:45…

I ended up sending an email to the person I was supposed to be meeting that I had a migraine. 

But I told myself that I would make it to the artist talk at the MFA…

The night ended with me eating plenty of tiny snickers (for dinner) drinking  Bombay with lime, and watching Gossip Girl… with intermitted tears. (not at gossip girl at least)

OH and drunk texting my friend commentary.


Note to self: Gossip Girl binges do not cure depression.