Resolute on resolutions

9 01 2013

New Years Resolutions

  1. Draw and Write Everyday
    1.   Try to be in the studio for at least four hours daily
    2. Try to be in the studio for at least six on days off even if you don’t do anything, just be in there.
    3. Write at least one word a day, if nothing else just one word.
  2.  Wake up with alarm.
    1. You like having coffee and taking your time in the morning if you want to do that, you need to wake up.
    2. You enjoy reading and writing in the morning, as well as stretching if you want to do that you need to wake up.
    3. You hate being rushed in the morning, if you don’t want that to happen you’ll need to get up out of bed.
  3. Apply to Grad schools
    1. this is only number three because if you don’t do number one and number two then this certainly won’t happen.
    2. If you want this to happen keep number two and number three
    3. Researching schools is also a good thing to do and save money for applications.
  4. Continue to be active
    1. Continue to ride your bike daily
    2. Try to do more yoga
    3. Maybe find a place to swim during the winter?
  5. Watch less Television
    1. I’m not saying not to watch any television, just that if you want these things to happen, you should probably not spend all day in bed, watching TV and looking at the internet, also can’t be good for your eyes.
    2. It doesn’t make you feel good about yourself when you do these things, so might as well just not do them.
  6. Learn that saying No is a complete sentence
    1. I just read that in a blog and I am so glad to have read it because I thought I was a little silly in trying to learn how to say no.
    2. I need to learn to say no to my negative self, like not giving in to the nest and mopping and watching too much TV, and saying no to that and yes to drawing every day.
    3. But most importantly that it’s okay to say no to other people.  That I don’t owe any one anything. That those gifts that my parents gave me were just that, gifts not bargaining chips.
  7. Go on a trip to a place I’ve never been
    1. Possibly to an artist residency?
    2. Buses are great ways to travel with the right companion.
    3. Maybe even a biking or hiking trip? Yea camping sounds good
  8. Be more patient.
    1. I need to be more patient with myself. In regards to my health, mentally and otherwise.
    2. Be patient with my art.
    3. Be patient with my relationships. Especially with my romantic one. There’s no rush for anything. Things will happen when they do.

* I don’t know why it wouldn’t let me keep my proper outline I had in word when I moved it over here, and I guess I don’t care all that much, but I Just wanted to share that I’m not aesthetically pleased by all the numbers.